Trigo's 289/FIA Cobra 5-Lug Wheel

TRIGO's 289/FIA wheels are the same as the original 289/FIA Cobra wheels and are intended for use on replica 289/FIA Cobras having a 5-lug hub. These wheels will fit either Ford 4.50" or Chevy 4.75" bolt patterns by using our hub adapter kit. They are available in a blasted finish and come in stock Cobra sizes:
Front, 7 1/2" x 15, 3.750 backspace | Rear, 9 1/2" x 15, 3.625 backspace

Note: These wheels are also available for original or replica 6-pin 289/FIA Cobras.

Trigo 289/FIA Cobra 5-Lug Wheel: Blasted, $450
289/FIA Style 5-Lug Wheel