Trigo's Hub Adapter Kit

Trigo's adapters enable you to install wheels with real knockoffs on your Cobra without machine work or welding. Our unique pin nuts bolt these adapters onto Ford 4.50" or Chevy 4.75" hubs. The wheels slip over the adapters and are held in place with tri-wing knockoffs. The kit includes 4 CNC machined forged steel hub adapters, 20 hardened steel pin nuts, pin driver, 4 forged aluminum tri-wing knockoffs, CNC machined aluminum center caps or seal kits, and an alignment tool. Hub adapters are available in either gold iridite or black oxide finish.
Note: Pin nuts are available in 1/2"-20 TPI, 7/16"-20 TPI or 12mm 1.5 pitch.

Trigo Hub Adapter Kit, Black Oxide or Gold Iridite, Unpolished $850 / Polished $900
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